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LDAP External login Provider Introduction Ozdentity has built-in LdapExternalLoginProvider and OpenLdapManager services. It implements LDAP authentication and gets user info for external login. The cross platform LdapForNet library is used for Windows LDAP authentication. See LdapForNet GitHub repository for more information. How to enable LDAP external login? Youu need to enable the LDAP login feature

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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a specific type of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that requires the authenticating party to produce two separate identifying factors to verify your identity. The first factor is something you know “username & password” and the second factor is something you have “mobile device or email” to verify authentication requests.

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Identity module This module implements the User and Role system of an application; User interface Menu items Identity module adds the following items to the “Main” menu, under the “Administration” menu item: IdentityMenuNames class has the constants for the menu item names. Pages Role management Roles page is used to manage roles in the system.

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Add Application

Administration Menu Items The OpenIddict page allow the following items under the “Administration” menu item: Pages Application Management Applications page is used to manage applications. An application represent hosted applications that can request tokens from server. You can create new application or edit existing applications in this page: API Scope Management Scope page allows

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Oauth Login

OAuth Resource Owner Password (ROP) External login Provider Introduction Ozdentity has built-in OAuthExternalLoginProvider service. It implements OAuth Resource Owner Password authentication and gets user info for external login. How to enable OAuth external login? You need to enable the OAuth login feature and configure related settings. Then you can enter the user name and password

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Getting Started

This tutorial assumes that you’ve already have an active account with Ozdentity. This document assumes that you prefer to use Single Page or Web or WebAPI as the UI framework. For other options, please change the preference on top of this document.

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