LDAP External login Provider


Ozdentity has built-in LdapExternalLoginProvider and OpenLdapManager services. It implements LDAP authentication and gets user info for external login.

The cross platform LdapForNet library is used for Windows LDAP authentication. See LdapForNet GitHub repository for more information.

How to enable LDAP external login?

Youu need to enable the LDAP login feature and configure related settings.


Then you can enter the LDAP user name and password on the login page for external login.


The default OpenLdapManager service uses $\"cn={userName},{BaseDc}\" to normalize user name, and use $\"(&(uid={userName}))\" to search for users, use mail as attribute name to get email.

The value of BaseDc is the setting of the Base domain component.

If your username has a prefix or a specific format, you can override the NormalizeUserNameAsync method of OpenLdapManager to handle it.

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